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Celebrating Holliston’s 300TH Anniversary

Writers’ Guidelines

Whether you are new to town or are a native, younger, or older, known to many or to a few, living here now or moved away years ago…we invite you to contribute to this history of Holliston. Each article should be no more than 1,500 words, but shorter is better.

Include a bibliography of any published sources used for your article. For example: include name of author (if known), title of source article, name of newspaper, book, or other published source, date of publication, and page number. Create proper citations easily with a tool like Scribbr:

  • If you are using copyrighted materials, we will need permission from the owner to use them. If you are unsure about the copyright status, please include a note when you complete the submission form.
  • Use size 12 font; Times New Roman.
  • Our reading public will be of all ages and the history will be read for years to come! Use simple language and active voice rather than passive.
  • For essays that are about factual events, do not include personal opinions unless you specifically say they are your opinions. If you are writing a human-interest story, you can include your perspective, but please make sure any references to facts are accurate.
  • The Editing Committee will adhere to spelling, grammatical, and punctuation standards. They will review the articles for content and for standard language usage. They will fact check as appropriate and reserve the right to cut length. You will get a final review of the essay and will be asked to sign-off on it.

We are focused on Holliston events and people from about 1950 to date. If you have an earlier story, please let us know.

The Committee will compile all stories, articles, artwork, photos, and other submissions into the 300th Anniversary history book to be released in 2024. We also plan to create a more extensive website historical documents to reside in the public arena for easy access.

Deadline for your submission is July 15, 2023.

Items to consider when writing your reflections.

This is not an exhaustive list, but will hopefully help get the juices flowing!

  1. What years are you writing about?
  2. Describe the situation or activities in as much detail as you can. What was your role, if any?
  3. What do you want future readers to take away?
  4. Mention significant people by name and association as appropriate.
  5. If the essay is related to something beyond the boundaries of Holliston (9/11 for example,) please discuss the impact here.
  6. Any lessons learned?
  7. Best/worst…memory, outcome or anything that applies. Circumstances in town at the time.